The D.A.R.N.A. Corps

In 2019, the reptilians finally emerged from the shadows. One by one, world leaders unmasked themselves as extraterrestrials calling themselves Thubanites, from the oAlpha Draconis star system. They quickly assimilated all nations under a single world government, called the Thuban Rai. In less than a year, half the population of the earth fell under their control. In a year and a half, only a small hold-out band of rebels still struggled against the alien domination.

In 2034, a brilliant young woman named Lily Isuzu emerged to lead the rebels, now calling themselves the Human Nation, in a series of dazzling raids that crippled five of the Thubanites’ deep ocean generators. The actions of the Human Nation plunged half the Asian continent into powerless darkness, forcing the Thubanites to call for a cease-fire. Isuzu agreed to the cease-fire in exchange for the cession of what was once New Zealand to the Nation.

During the cease-fire, the Nation renamed the last home of humanity, the Core, and worked hard to develop its defensive capabilities. Unwilling to trust the reptilians, Isuzu pushed for the development of time travel to enable select members of the elite Defense Advanced Reconnaissance and Neutralization Auxiliary Corps (DARNA Corps) to travel back in time to eliminate the reptilian threat before its emergence in 2019.

Initial tests of the new time-travel system proved promising and the project was greenlighted for a full blown test run. But the reptilians had gotten wind of the initiative and, on the eve of the test, launched a massive assault on the Core. Nine of the test launches were aborted. The tenth launched successfully, but the return tube was irreparably damaged in the firefight.