Twitter War

If you haven’t noticed it yet, don’t sweat it. It’s nothing; just a turf war over an ephemeral piece of virtual real estate. On one side, the remarkably leaderless Twitterati – basically everyone already on Twitter and using the platform to express their dissatisfaction with how the country is going right now. And on the other side, determined to muscle into new territory, the sons and daughters of Dutertismo, led by their charismatic chief, Mocha Uson.

If you have noticed it, then chances are you already belong to either side. Very few non-partisans left on Twitter these days; and those that remain seem mostly content to stay on the sidelines with tubs of popcorn – fearful of either losing cred with their friends, or of calling down the wrath of the newcomers. And yet still others are too busy wringing their hands over the demise of the platform as they had come to know it.

As wars go, this twitter conflict matters very little in the grand scheme of things. For one thing, it’s almost impossible to imagine that either side will be able to force the other off of Twitter. And for another, the indisputable fact is that the two opposing factions can quite easily co-exist with each other – maybe not peacefully, but certainly with acceptable levels of disinterest in each other.

Sadly, things have gotten to the point where it seems that both sides are now just feeding off of their mutual distaste. And because the Twitterati have allowed the newcomers’ hate-filled rhetoric to define their actions, then an ideological point has been scored by Mocha’s roster of followers (you could call them the Mocha Rolls, I suppose).








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