The Hawk and the Linemen

Today, Saturday, just as the entire family was about to head out for my first spin around the various districts of Karachi, word came down the street that there was a minor drama going on down at the corner.

A couple of linemen were working on a power line that was apparently too close to a couple of hawk’s nests. People on the ground chattered excitedly about how the hawk had felt threatened and was harassing the linemen, trying to drive them away from her brood.

Naturally, I had to go look for myself.

See the nests?

After I took this picture, I scanned the sky and couldn’t find the hawk. Like most everyone, I thought that maybe the raptor had given up. As it turns out, however, I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

As I was looking up at the linemen, content to just snap some shots of the duo – one working on the wires, and the other brandishing a long thin branch intended to ward off the angry bird, I saw something extraordinary.From out of the nowhere, the hawk stooped and started buzzing the linemen again; and I was in the right place, at the right time to capture this series of photos- quite easily the best I’ve ever taken.

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