It’s half-past one in Karachi as I’m writing this; which would make it around 4:30 AM in Manila right about now. What with sleeping on the plane and seeing my niece and nephew for the first time after 6 (niece says 7) years, I really don’t feel inclined to hit the sack just yet. Instead, let me tell you about my trip.

Over-all, the journey took just under eleven hours. Three and a half for the MNL-BKK leg, a three and a half hour layover, then the five hour BKK-KHI flight. That sort of arrangement would have made this trip extraordinarily easy, except that connecting to the internet was a pain. Apparently, the airport in Bangkok isn’t quite as generous with free wi-fi as other Asian airports are. Heck, even the airport in Mozambique had 10 minutes of free wi-fi.

On the upside, the Thai airways food was good. There was a wider selection, for instance, and the meals themselves were – to my not particularly cultured palate anyway – at least restaurant quality. But as there has to be a fly in every ointment, my one quibble is that, on the BKK-KHI leg, the steward actually forgot to get me a meal. Adding to the hilarity of the situation was that, when he finally did come around to me, he was insisting that it was time for coffee.

Hungry folks, however, suffer no foolishness – so we got that sorted out straight away. After dinner, the rest of the flight passed uneventfully and, by the time I awoke from my Invictus-induced slumber, we had already landed in Pakistan.



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