Pro-Women Legislation

Recently, I’ve noticed an uptick in the volume of whining coming from what some people have taken to calling “meninists.” The bellyaching stems from recently proposed legislature for the protection of women’s rights. Interestingly enough, the meninists are not alone in their view. Apparently, at least one candidate for the Philippine Supreme Court thinks roughly along the same lines.

Asked if she thought there were existing laws that favoured one sex over the other, (Public Attorney’s Office Chief Persida Acosta) pointed out the Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) Act, noting that men lacked similar protection despite themselves being victims of violence. She then went on to tackle the laws on adultery and concubinage.mis

In a sort of tweet storm early today, which I was hoping would coincide with the launching of the COMELEC’s Men Opposed to Violence against women Everywhere (MOVE) campaign today, I addressed the laughably mistaken notion that pro-women legislation somehow creates a bias against men.

So, think about that meninists, before you start complaining about why there isn’t any protection specifically for you.

Sumosobra na ata tayo. May masculine wash na nga tayo eh.

Also known as soap and water, motherf*cker.


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