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We are a fractious lot, we Filipinos are. We cling to all sorts of reasons why we should be distinguished or set apart from others. We are Ilonggo, Bisaya, Kapampangan, Ilocano, Maranao, and a whole slew of other such regional conglomerations. We are Katoliko, Kristiyano, Muslim, Iglesia. And on top of all that, we are also Kapuso, Kapamilya, Kapatid. It’s almost as if we invent these distinctions where none should exist, simply because we enjoy being part of a bigger group.

Well, we ARE part of a big-ass group. We are the Filipino Nation, are we not? Practically a slave race when we were awakened by the compelling clarity of one man’s vision and later forged, albeit imperfectly, into a nation by the fires of revolution.


On June 12, I will be changing my twitter profile pic to this representation of the Philippine flag. It will be my way of expressing my pride at being a part of the Filipino Nation. I hope you can join me by putting up your own Philippine flag profile pic. Or you can use this one if you want. Just right click and choose “Save As…” to grab it.





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