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Voter ID Guidelines

The Comelec has recently issued guidelines for the release, distribution, and re-printing of voter’s identification cards. Under these new rules, election officers are now required to post the names of the voters whose IDs are available for release.

A voter may either claim his ID personally at the local Comelec office, during regular office hours from Monday to Saturday, or have an authorized representative do it for him. The authorized representative, however, has to present a notarized authorization document, together with his own ID. The distribution of IDs may now also be done at the Barangay Hall, or in any public building in the Barangay, subject to proper coordination with the Barangay officials.
The new guidelines have also clarified that registered voters who have de-listed or de-activated cannot be issued ID cards. This means that the IDs of those who have been identified as multiple registrants – which is an election offense, by the way – or who have passed on will no longer be released. Instead, the IDs – which will be marked “Cancelled” – will be attached to the Voter Registration Records.

Those who have had their registrations de-activated, on the other hand, will not be able to claim their IDs until their registrations have been re-activated. De-activation of registration record is the consequence of having failed to vote in two regular elections. This is a common occurrence which most voters tend to overlook. Fortunately, re-activation is a fairly easy process where the voter simply has to fill up the appropriate form at the local Comelec office. The deadline for re-activation falls on October 31, 2012 – the same deadline for the registration of new voters, the filing of applications for transfer of registration, the filing of applications for changes of name and correction of entries, and validation.
And speaking of transferred registrations and corrected names and entries, Voter IDs that have been printed corresponding to the old records, i.e., pre-transfer and pre-correction, will not be issued. If the voter already has an ID, he will have to give it back or, if he can’t, present an affidavit of loss.
A registered voter may request for the reprinting of lost, torn, or defaced IDs by personally filling out an application for a Voter’s ID Card Replacement and attaching an affidavit of loss. As this will cost him one hundred pesos, he will be issued a corresponding official receipt.

And finally, in cases where the voter ID cannot be printed for any reason, the Election Officer is now obliged to notify the affected voter so that he can come back to the Comelec office to correct the problem. In most cases, this will involve going through the biometric capturing process again.


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182 Responses to "Voter ID Guidelines"

  1. theo salvador says:

    hi sir

    i registered last 2007 but i still havent claimed my voter’s id.where can i claim it?in the barangay?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Hello. Your first step is to consult the website [] and check on the status of your ID printing. After that, you can proceed to visit or call the local COMELEC office where you filed your application for registration.

      While some of our Election Officers do coordinate with Barangay officials, this isn’t widespread practice yet.Neither is it an everyday sort of thing. So, best bet is still to try to claim it at the COMELEC office.

      Hope this was helpful!


        hi Sir James!

        Thank you for all your helpful answers. I have checked already that my Voters ID was printed last April 9, 2012, unfortunately I am currently out of the country and I have lost already the acknowledgment receipt for claiming the ID.

        Can you please advise me how can I claim? Can I issue an authorization Letter?

      2. Airish Lui Toriano says:

        Hi sir…

        Question lng po… I saw on ur website that my biometrics info are not available and the id was not yet printed. But i have a voter’s id which got lost last month so i needed to have it re-issued… What will I do?

        1. Ariel Yhang Hong Trinidad says:

          Good Day Sir! How long would it take before I could actually get my Voters ID? Would it really take years?

          1. james jimenez says:

            At least a year. We’re trying to streamline operations now, but, unfortunately it still takes at least that long.

          2. Ariel Yhang Hong Trinidad says:

            Sir, just recently my mom and I have tried to drop by to the COMELEC in Malabon to ask if our IDs where already there, unfortunately wala pa, then we asked the staff kung gaano ba talaga katagal bago makuha ang ID, then he said it will take nga years pa before ma print daw and he even add up na “tsambahan lang daw if mapasama ung pangalan mo sa parang per batch na printing ng IDs”… was that true? Thanks!

          3. Ariel Yhang Hong says:

            Sir, just recently my mom and I have tried to drop by to the COMELEC in Malabon to ask if our IDs where already there, unfortunately wala pa, then we asked the staff kung gaano ba talaga katagal bago makuha ang ID, then he said it will take nga years pa before ma print daw and he even add up na “tsambahan lang daw if mapasama ung pangalan mo sa parang per batch na printing ng IDs”… is that true? Thanks!

      3. Jane says:

        Kylan po ulit ang process po ng mga 2011 po na nag register po,at Kaylan po kaya pewede ng mapping po Ito,

  2. Ejhay Reyes says:

    Sir, mga ilang months po bago makuha ang new ID, nawala po kasi yung sakin

    1. james jimenez says:

      It’ll take about one month to print out the replacement. But please make allowances for other issues, such as the office where you applied for a replacement car may taking about a week to a month to actually forward your application to the printers. This usually happens when we’re approaching the deadline for registration.

      1. jaon remando says:

        sir pwde paba makakuha ngayon nang voter’s id copy?? kasi nawala po yong ID ko plsss help po

          1. joanna says:

            sir,nawala po ung voter’s i.d ko 2013
            tapos kailangan ko n po talaga sya for passport
            sabi nila dun sa hall namin its 2 years before i get it but i need it on feb.
            ano po b pwedi kung gawin?
            thank you po….

          2. james jimenez says:

            Pwede ka kumuha ng Voter’s Affidavit sa Central Office ng COMELEC. Sa Intramuros. punta ka sa Election Records and Statistics Department. Make sure you also have an Affidavit of Loss, para sa ID mo na nawala. Good luck.

  3. Juan Doe says:

    Good day,

    I haven’t been registered as a voter since I became legible to vote. Is there a guideline on how to register as a voter?

    1. james jimenez says:

      It’s very easy.

      Step 1: Go to the local COMELEC office in the city or municipality where you need to reside. The local COMELEC office is usually located near or at the City Hall.

      Step 2: Present valid ID. This can be a company ID, a school ID, a driver’s license or a passport. Sometimes, if there is doubt as to your age or the authenticity or validity of the ID you present, you may be asked to produce a birth certificate. In some other cases – particularly when the address given is doubtful – some proof of billing may be required.

      Step 3: Fill out the “new voter” application form. Submit it to the Election Officer.

      Step 4: Undergo biometric capturing.

      When you’ve done all of these things, you will have successfully submitted your application for registration.

      1. ric says:

        hi sir any time po ba pwd mag pa register sa comelec?

      2. liza says:

        Hi sir my tanung po aq pwdi po vha makakuha ng voters id khit transfer ka tn

  4. Antonio C. Diopenes Jr. says:

    Hello sir!

    How about naman sir sa first time voter? San po pwede mag pa register at para magkaroon ng Voter’s ID.

    Slamat Sir.

    1. james jimenez says:

      Pwede po kayo magpa-rehistro sa local COMELEC office sa lugar kung saan kayo nakatira. :) Please check my reply to the previous comment for the steps po.

      1. cherryl says:

        bakit po hendi ko pa makukuha ang voters id ko matagal na un last year pa 2009 bakiy ngaunwala pa?

      2. Anton says:

        Sir may bayad ba ang pag register as voter? Thanks

      3. Leslie Brase says:

        Hillo! Mr. jimenez pwede ba kunin sa brgy.hall ang voters ID?isang beses plang po kc ako bomoto kaya dko alam hindi ko pa kc kinukuha eh,salamat

      4. Anne Alberto says:

        sir pwedeng po bng ung kng walng talgang valid id ung id pa po ng highschool khit mtgal na po yun.. pwd rin po ba ung brgy id? sa valid id

  5. Onio Bagalay says:

    Unfortunately all our government office’s procedures are not thinking of Persons With Disabilities.

    I hope registration will be PWD friendly.

    I can’t just simply go to the COMELEC office, I hope you really do a one stop/express registration in Barangay Halls or maybe even an online registration.

    1. james jimenez says:

      Sadly, you are right about how little thought seems to have been given to the needs of PWDs when it comes to the design of government processes.

      In the COMELEC, we’ve been trying to address that shortcoming, so I sincerely hope that, soon, all our procedures will have been overhauled to provide greater ease-of-access.

      With regard to registration, yes, we do conduct satellite registrations in barangays. All you have to do is tell your barangay official to schedule a satellite reg in your area, and we take the voter registration machines there, to serve everyone who wants to register. We also have – at both satellite reg and regular registration – priority lanes for PWDs. I hope when the COMELEC comes to your barangay, you will find it easier now to register.

      Oh, and online registration might take a lot longer as it requires registration.

  6. James says:

    Two to three weeks ago, I checked the status of my ID on the COMELEC website, and I found out that my ID was already printed. I went to the local COMELEC office where I registered as a voter to get it. I was told that they’ll send me a letter by post when I can already claim it. Is this the usual practice? Or was I just been given an erroneous instruction?

    1. james jimenez says:

      May I just say? AWESOME NAME!


      No, I don’t think you were given the wrong instructions. Just incomplete info. When the IDs are printed, they still have to be delivered to the local COMELEC offices. Since we courier these IDs, delivery can take up to a month. So, your local COMELEC must not have received your ID yet.

      Thanks for your patience. :)

  7. Francois Dy says:

    Hi Sir, I’m ashamed to say this. I’m 33 and I have never registered as a voter, ever! I would like to register (and hopefully vote) for the first time. Will I be entertained when I go to my local COMELEC office come May 3rd?

    1. james jimenez says:

      It’s never too late to be a first time voter! 😀 Congratulations on your decision to finally register. May 3rd is a thursday, so your local COMELEC office would be glad to entertain you. UNLESS, they’re scheduled to go on a satellite registration, in which case there might be no one home. I suggest calling ahead, just to make sure.

      Congrats again!

  8. Khang says:

    I just emailed the Comelec if when I can get my ID.
    Which in their site it said that my ID is already printed.
    Hopefully they will email me back :)

    But the weird thing is my parent’s ID is still not printed, they had their bio-metrics captured last 2002.

    1. james jimenez says:

      Hello Khang. If the site says your ID has been printed, the best thing for you to do is to call or go to the COMELEC office where you registered.

      Re: your parents’ ID, the biometrics project really got started only around 2004. Those that had their biometrics before that may need to revalidate as we had lots of problems with those.

  9. allan says:

    sir i register as a first time voters 6 months ago and then there still no news that my voter’s id have been printed out

    1. james jimenez says:

      Dude, it’ll take a little longer than six months to get the ID printed. SOrry. :-/

  10. allan says:

    i hope i can get it sooner than later the government should do something about this my mother’s voter’s id have not been printed out

  11. Khang says:

    Wala parati pong busy yung phone ng comelec region4.
    At hindi parin nila sinasagot yung email ko on
    where and how can I get my voter’s id.

  12. Shanks says:


    bakit po hindi pa rin na print yung Voter’s ID ko? 2009 pa ako nag register.

    1. james jimenez says:

      Pinaka-maganda nyan, punta o tawag ka sa COMELEC office kung saan ka nagparehistro. You might need to revalidate your registration.

  13. Liza P. says:

    Hi Sir. The last time I voted was in 1998 national elections. Am I still a registered voter. Since I have already transferred residence, can I just register, as a new voter in my new residence?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Hello. You’ve probably been DEACTIVATED. PLease do not register as a new voter. Just ask for a TRANSFER of REGISTRATION with RE_ACTIVATION. :)

  14. Kaye says:

    my biometrics was taken last week and i was notified that the ID can be claimed after 2 years, is this for real?

    1. james jimenez says:

      It might not take that long, but yes, that’s about the neighborhood. Ultimately, what matters more – imo – is that you can vote in the elections next year.

  15. Jels says:

    Hello sir!

    Tanong ko lan po, 17 po ako ngayon pero sa darating po na August 18 na ako, pwede na po ba ako magpa-register ngayon?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Pwede na! :)

  16. jinging magno says:

    Hello sir!
    Tanong ko lang po kung talaga po bang matagal irelease ang voters id,,kasi po nagparehistro ako nung 2006 pa hanggang ngayon po ala pa daw po yung id ko sabi po dito sa comelec saamin,,saan po ba ako maaaring kumuha ng voters id except po sa comelec dito sa bayan namin?Salamat po,

    1. james jimenez says:

      Kung ganyan na katagal, dapat mo itanong sa local comelec kung may problema yung application mo. maayos mo na rin yng error sa middle name mo kung sakali

  17. jinging magno says:

    Add ko lang po paano pag ang comelec ang nagkamali ng typing ng name or middle name sa voters registration anu po ang maari kong gawin para i correct o sila po ang mag cocorrect nun?Thanks po!

  18. john says:

    notarized po b dapat ang affidavit of loss ang kelangan id replacement?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Yes, John

      1. rebecca o. embay says:

        Hello sir,
        Tanong ko lang po kung kailan pwede magpareactivate? Pumunta po kasi ako last June sa Comelec Manila kaso for registration lang pwede…kailan po start ng reactivation?

      2. Ricardo says:

        Hi James,

        I transferred my registration last October 2009. However when I verified online if my ID is now availble,my name does not appear in the database.

        If it was an error in data capture when they encoded my info, what should be done? Do I have to wait again for a long time before my Voter’s ID can be printed?

        Ive also sent an e-mail to the provincial registrar, with cc to voters_id and registration e-mail addresses of comelec.


  19. jinging magno says:

    Thanks sir!

  20. James says:

    Sir, I registered last October 2003. About a week ago, I checked the status of my ID on your website (Precinct Finder and ID-Printing Status Verifier), I found out that my ID was NOT YET PRINTED. I was shocked! How long does it take for an ID to be printed? A decade? A century, maybe? Oh!!!!!

  21. James says:

    I registered in year 2003, your Precinct Finder facility in your website shows that my biometrics are available but my Voter’s ID was NOT YET PRINTED. However, my friend who registered in year 2007 already got her Voter’s ID. How come that my friend got her ID first than me? I registered 4 years earlier than my friend.

  22. Jodi says:

    Hi James,

    I have not registered with Comelec. Can I go to any Comelec offices and register?

    Can I also apply for a Voter’s ID at the same time?

    If yes to my second question, how long before i can claim my Voter’s ID.


  23. Ian says:

    I got my voter’s ID today.. but I had a problem about the signature, may dot or period kasi yung signature ko but dun sa voter’s ID ko wala unlike sa postal ID ko.. nakuha ko naman yung voter’s ID but i’m worried lang kasi baka magkaka problema ako nito sa pag mag apply ako ng passport at baka ideactivate ng COMELEC ang voter’s ID ko.. yung dot or period lang po yung problema..pls. tell me what to do.thank you.

  24. meann says:

    hi sir, saan po b ako pwede mgfollow up para mapabilis pgpiprint ng voter’s id ko? 2009 po kz ngparegistered and til now hnd p printed ang id ko. Tanx! H0ping n mgreply kau thru my email. Tanx again.

  25. meruth says:

    Hi Sir,
    Ask ko lang po f pwede ba akong humingi ng voters certification s comelec khit s SK plang ako nkaregister..thanks po..

  26. anne says:

    sir,halmbawa tapos na ang schedule ng registration d2 sa ARMM pero hndi pa rin ako nkaregister kac sa dami ng tao d2.puede po ba akong pmnta sa COMELEC office at dun mgparehistro?tanx

  27. Materno Borero says:

    Good day sir;

    Registered na po ako last 2010 pero hindi po ako nakaboto last 2010 election.. this year po plan ko bumoto ngayon at my plano din po akong tumakbo as brgy councilor. Makukuha ko din po kaya yong ID ko sa presinto kung san ako nagregister?? Ok pa po ba ang status ko?

    Thanks a lot.

    Gusto ko lang pong magpasalamat sa inyo. NAkita ko na my time kayo para sagutin ang aming mga tanong, alam ko pong nakapbusy nyo sa ngayon. Nagagalak po ako sa inyong ginagawa. 30 years old na po ako ngayon lang po ako boboto dhl alam kung maayos na ang government natin. ginagawa nyo ang lahat para mapabuti ang imahe ng inyong ahensya. sana po ay tuloy tuloy na at mabago ang pananaw ng taong bayan sa mga sangay ng gobyerno. MOre power and GOD bless..

  28. Glaiza Villarama says:


    So we can file ID replacement in our local COMELEC office?

  29. Mary Lyn Eisma says:

    Hi! I’m planning to register since I just turned 18 last month. Does it really take too long before I can claim the ID? May I also know the office hours of Comelec (Agoo, La Union) on a Saturday since it’s the only time I could go home. :). Thank you!

  30. kathherine gacia says:

    Kailan po marerelease ang voter’s id nung nagpregeister ng 2009?

  31. dessa says:

    Hello Sir,
    tatanong ko lang po sana kung papaano makakakuha nung copy of voter’s registration record/voters affidavit kasi isa po yun sa mga requirements ng civil registry para ma correct yung info sa birth cert. ko.

    chaka po pala, nag pa rehistro ako sa comelec nung pang June 2009 yet, until now, wala pa akong voter’s i.d.

    thanks in advance for the reply.
    Good day.

  32. jane says:

    thank you po sa info mr. james jimenez. mag-aaply po ako this coming sept, after i turn 18, gusto ko lang po sanang itanong if gaano siya katagal makuha? gusto ko po sana kasi mga within next year sana, or early 2014. tsaka question po, irrelevant po to, sorry po. pwede po ba ung birth certificate lang ung dalhin pag nag-apply ng passport?

  33. jackie says:

    sir nawalapo ung votersid ko makakakuha pa po baulit ako ng voters id.tnx..

  34. maricar bernardino says:

    sir tanong ko lang po bakit di pa na print un id ko..registered po ako ng october 15,2009… un mga kasabay ko nagparegister na release na un kanila….nagcheck naman po ako…ng status ng id ko…ok naman po un biometric..ano po kaya ang posibleng problema…

  35. Ricardo says:

    Hi James,

    I transferred my registration last October 2009. However when I verified online if my ID is now availble,my name does not appear in the database.

    If it was an error in data capture when they encoded my info, what should be done? Do I have to wait again for a long time before my Voter’s ID can be printed?

    Ive also sent an e-mail to the provincial registrar, with cc to voters_id and registration e-mail addresses of comelec.


  36. Meraflor S. COdilla says:

    sir gud day poh,

    paano poh ichange ang spellig ng aking surname sa voters ID ko, kasi sinusunod ko pong spelling ay nasa birth certificate ko. what will be the procedures?

  37. mary ann dagoy says:

    hi po kilan po makuha yong comelec id ko nakarehistro po ako sa district 3 quezon city noon pang 2006. thanks po

  38. liam says:

    sir good day.. Last march one barangay official called me to pick my voters i.d in our barangay office. Im so happy that time that finally after 3years i have it.. Then I just lost my wallet yesterday and my voters i.d is in there.. How can i get a new i.d asap? Can you pls give me the whole instruction sir? Where i can get affidavit of lost? Thanks a lot james. Godbless .

  39. Angelique says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’m a registered voter at Candaba, Pampanga and haven’t receive yet my voter’s id. I checked on the status and it’s not yet printed. Is it possible to claim it here in Manila? As soon as possible?

  40. angelo barcenas says:

    ir, mga ilang months po bago makuha ang new ID, mali po kasi yung middle name nung sa akin

  41. orville nicolas says:

    my brothe-in-law registered as a transferee in other barangay within municipality last 2009,but now and then the voters id is not yet long he waiting for that?

  42. leilani limon says:

    sir,nawala po ung voters id o…saan po aq pwede kumuha at matatagalan po b bago marelis?

  43. Jasper Gambito says:

    Good eve po sir.. uhmm.. ask ko lang po.. kasi yung application slip ko po which serves as my temporary voter’s id ay nawala.. does it mean po ba na ndi na ko makakaboto sa 2013 elections? thanks po

  44. Jocelyn says:


    sir, ask ko lang po natingnan ko na po yung Id ko sa website ng comelec alreeady printed na last june 2012 pumunta po ako sa comelec dito sa ioilo pero sabi sa akin ng isang clerk wala pa daw may dumating na id sa kanila…

    thank you po

  45. leah says:

    Good day..sir my grandparents are already registered pero i heard na kelangan poh e pavalidate via machine na for biometric data. panu poh pag d maka pa validate anu poh ang consequnce??? kasi poh aged na kc grand parents ko malau lau kc kami sa comelec office. looking forward for your reply..thx

  46. Joyce Ann says:

    Hi po. Ask ko lang po kung didirekta po ba ako sa main office ng comelec ay ibibigay po ba sa akin ang voters id ko? Na-check ko na po at ALREADY PRINTED na po. Nagpunta na po ako sa city hall namin at wala pa raw ho at kung gusto ko raw ho ay dumiretso ako sa intramuros, main office ng commelec. Sana po makapagreply kayo agad. Salamat. Kailangang-kailangan ko po kasi :(

  47. rozz says:

    Good Day Sir!
    tanong ko lang po procedure mag a update po sana ako ng status ko just got married last august?
    pwede ppo ba ko mag request ng ID gamit na surname ng husband ko?

  48. Rheny-Dee Macatangay says:

    Sir! Magandang araw po. I’m a registered voter since 2007 pero wala pa din po ako voter’s id. Every year bumabalik ako sa municipal office namin to claim it pero lagi nila sinasabi sakin na the hindi pa ito availabe. Hindi pa daw po na-deliver from the main office in manila. It has been 5 or 6 years na pero ganun pa din yung reason nila kung bakit wala pa din yun id ko. Ganun po ba talaga katagal ang proccessing nito?

  49. Jillian says:

    Sir! I’m an overseas worker and I have been a registered voter since 2003. I had a biometrics registration last June 2012 as well. But, upon checking on the COMELEC website it was said that my voters ID has been disabled due to not being able to vote for 2 elections.

    Is October 31, 2012 really the last day for reactivation of my voters id? I will be going back to the Philippines soon this year, however, I don’t think I would be able to make it on the said last day of reactivation.

    Is there a way for me to have it reactivated despite the fact that I’m not in the country?

    Thanks in advance Mr. Jimenez. More power to you guys!

  50. Mae says:

    Thank you for a very informative blog. Aside from browsing the comelec site, I’ve been looking for news and tips on the registration process. So far I got long lines at wee hours in the morning but my real question is, what else would you recommend I bring during that day? So far I know that a valid ID with a complete address is required ( a photocpy ) but aside from that is there anything else I need? ( apart from a potable stool, book and snacks for the long lines, hehe )
    Thanks sir!

  51. Leslie Brase says:

    hillo! mr.jimenez pwede ba makuha sa brgy.hall ang ID voters?hindi ko pa kc nkukuha simula noong 2009 pangalawang beses palng kc ako buboto eh,ska lumipat po kami ng tirahan salamt po.

  52. cherry says:

    i wouldn’t mind waiting for a year or two, but for more or less 5 years?? that’s too much! and i was just told to wait for years PROBABLY % YEARS DAW??? how frustrating.

  53. tesa gabriel says:

    I am a registered voter in manila. But I had been living in the province for 3 years now. If i register in the province, what requirements do I have to accomplish? Do I still need to ask for transfer of voting record from manila? Thank you sir. Hoping for your prompt response.

  54. alexis lao says:

    I am a registered voter in the province and have not voted for the past 2 elections. I would like to exercise my right to vote next year. Do I need to register again in the province or just a reactivation? Would there be any difference? Thank you.

  55. ara says:

    Hi sir,

    Same problem ako kanina nagpunta ako sa comelec na pinagrehistrohan ko to check kung meron ng id pero nun icheck nila wala pa din daw eh 2006 pa ko registered and active voter ako.. :( where can i check if may problema un sakin? Kasi wala naman nabanggit na problem un sakin tinanong ko kasi kung kelan sagot sakin mga taon pa daw binilangin..bakit po ganon? :(


  56. ara says:


    Sorry correction lang po sa typo ko.. :(

  57. ara says:

    And sa comelec website status is printed before october 2011 pa pero bakit sinabi nila sakin eh wala pa un id? :(

  58. mika says:

    gud pm.. ive lost my voters id.. where can i get one again? thx a lot and what are the requirements

  59. Edison Romero says:

    Sir,I just lost my Voters ID last November 3,2012.what are the process and requirements to get another Voter’s ID.I just acquired it a few months ago.

  60. Edison Romero says:

    Sir makakapagrequest pa po ba ako ng reprint ng Voter’s ID this month?

  61. Edison R0mero says:

    SIr I just want to ask if i could get another Voters ID since my wallet was either stolen or drop somewhere Voters ID is on that was happen on November 3,1012.I hope for a concrete reply,Thank you.

  62. Edison Romero says:

    SIr I just want to ask if i could get another Voters ID since my wallet was either stolen or drop somewhere Voters ID is on that was happen on November 3,2012.I hope for a concrete reply,Thank you.

  63. Orlee says:

    Just got my ID from our local comelec branch. The problem is i accidentally detached the plastic cover (printed with holographic comelec seal) in front of my id. is it still valid for legal authentication purposes? if hindi na po, how long will it take me (taking the right process) before i get a new id ..thanks po

  64. lan says:

    Hello sir, I just inquired about my ID here at QC District 2 office and they said they haven’t received my ID yet, they didn’t provide me with any other information as to why. Btw, I registered back in 2007.

  65. Kenneth Paule says:

    Hi Sir! I checked the status of my Voters ID thru website but only this message always appear NO RECORD FOUND! Can you help me regarding this matter? Thanks alot.

  66. jennelyn bondoc says:

    Hello sir,
    Tanong ko lang po bakit deactivated parin po registration status ko? pero available pa naman ang biometrics status ko. I transferred my voters registration here in batangas last Aug. 2011 po kase 3yrs na po ako dito at ilang election na din po ako hindi naka boto. Dati po ako registered sa cebu.

  67. aljon says:

    Hello Sir,

    It has been more than two years since I last excercised my right of suffrage but until now, there isn’t any update regarding my ID. I tried calling the comelec office where I registered but they told me that my id is not yet available. How long does it take for comelec to produce ID?

  68. budz says:

    good day sir,

    pano pong gagawin kapag nawala yung papel(parang temporary na voter’s id?) na ipapakita kapag kukunin na yung voter’s id? makukuha ko pa kaya yun kahit wala yung papel?

    thank you for your response.God bless..

  69. Kenneth says:

    Hi Sir,

    Paano ko po ba malalaman yung voter’s id number ko kahit hindi pa po na printed yung application ko? bago lang po kasi ako nag parehisto at gusto ko lang po malaman yung id number ko.

  70. adelle says:

    good day po,last year po pinacorrect yung isang letter na kulang sa name ko,so pumunta po ako sa office ng comelec sa caloocan to check at hoping na one year na hopefully nagawa na nila ng paraan yung isang letter sa name ko na kulang,

    so disappionted na WALA pa din,what can i say kundi maghintay at follow up naman,hanngang kilan ba ako maghihintay?kailangan bang every month eh eh follow up ko para lang baka sakali nandun na?

  71. hi gud eve po, ako po pla c mary jane jimenez de guzman.anak po ako ng pinsan nio, magtatanung din po ako bout voter’s nawala po kasi ung voter’s ko. Papaano po ba ang gagawin ko at matatagalan po ba ulit bago aqo makakuha ng voter’s? Saka po sa airport po ba maaari ko po ba ipresent ang lost affidavit? Tnx po.., nid asap answer sir.

  72. Etnad says:

    hi boss,


    1. is there any chance that i can reactivate my voter’s registration status to active again? I lately found out that my status was deactivated when I checked it on Comelec’s website.
    2. How to apply/request for voter’s affidavit?

    Thank you. God Bless!

    1. james jimenez says:

      Registration period ended last year. Sorry. But you can reactivate again during the next registration cycle. For the Voter’s Affidavit, you’re going to have come see the Election Records and Statistics Department, here in Intramuros, at the Main COMELEC Offices.

  73. dan says:

    gud day. . . .

    first time ko lang pong buboto. . . .
    sir ask ko lang kung kailan pwedeng makuha yung voters id kasi kailangan na kailangan ko na. .

    matagal po ba talaga ang releasing ng voter’s id?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Kailan po mag-paregister muna kayo. And pakibasa din po ito.

  74. ronald says:

    Sir ,
    Panu po pag nawala ung stab na binibigay para maclaim ung voter’s id. Panu po gagawin nmen para makakuha ng voter’s ID


    1. james jimenez says:

      Okay lang yun.

  75. jj says:

    Good day sir. ask ko lang po if pano ipapacorrect yung aking registration sa comelec. Nagkaroon po kasi ng problem yung NSO ko. and naipacorrect na to. nagamit ko kasi before yung nasa NSO ko na mali yung middle initial. pano ko po ito mapapalitan sa aking registration?

  76. jj2 says:

    hello SIR
    Good day sir. ask ko lang po if pano ipapacorrect yung aking registration sa comelec. Nagkaroon po kasi ng problem yung NSO ko. and naipacorrect na to. nagamit ko kasi before yung nasa NSO ko na mali yung middle initial. pano ko po ito mapapalitan sa aking registration?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Just apply for a correction of details during the next registration period. Madali lang po yun.

  77. Jona says:

    Checked just now…

    Registration Date: July 27, 2007
    Registration Status: ACTIVE
    Biometrics Information: AVAILABLE
    Status of ID Printing: NOT YET PRINTED

    While my brother’s is already printed..He registered July 24, 2007… Only three days apart. >_<

    Any clue why?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Please read this. I hope it helps.

  78. bhern says:

    Good evening Sir
    I’ve lost my Voters ID last 2003 maybe a week or a month after i receive my ID because my wallet had stolen from my bag and i never had a chance to apply for a new one coz have to work abroad & i think this is the best time & chance for me to apply for a new Voters ID so i want to know po how can i and what are the requirements?? hope to have answer from you Sir. Thank u & God Bless!!

  79. Steven Paolo says:

    Sir good afternoon po. Nawala po kasi kahapon yung voter’s ID ko gusto ko po sana mag pa re-print ulit and kung pwede rin po na maiba yung signature ko kasi nag palit po ako ng signature ko after I graduated from college. Gusto ko lang po malaman yung magiging process po. Thank you in advance Sir. Good day!

  80. Jobelle badulis says:

    Ayon po sa voters status ko eh deactivated po ako,ngaun ko lang po kasi nalaman na deactivated ako ibig sabihin 2 beses nko di nakaboto kasi po lumipat na ako ng tirahan… Nag file na po ako ng change address at naaprubahan nman po.,ang last filing pala ng re activation oct 2012 pano po un di na nman po ako makakaboto ngaun?pangatlong beses na di makakaboto macacancel na po ba ako as voter?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Hindi po. Pero kailangan kayo magpa-reactivate sa susunod na registration period.

  81. Niño says:

    I registered as first time voter last October 29,2012. I found out that I am an active voter but unfortunately I lost the stub given after registration Can I still claim my Voter’s ID after it has been printed. Thanks. Hoping for your favorable response.

  82. Dith says:

    I lost my voter’s id. I was still single then. Can I apply for a new one with my married name for the coming election? If the time is too short, can I vote without any voter’s id?
    Can I also apply at the main office of Comelec? Btw I used to work there.

    Thank you.

    1. james jimenez says:

      I think this will answer your questions. Thanks!

  83. Dima Pakali says:

    Sir , I have a big problem. I had the same problem as yours. Nagabroad kasi ako. I missed the 2010 election. I was not aware about the brgy election resumed that year. So when i checked my registration status ,it was deactivated.
    Now my big problem is, I wish to run as kagawad ng barangay. Will there be a registration before Barangay election 2013. I have consulted the Omnibus Election code. It says that 15 days before the election ,tellers on the barangay will conduct a registration for new voter. Will it include reactivation process sir? How long will it take?
    I need your response asap so i can recourse my plan this year ,just in case.
    Thank you

    1. james jimenez says:

      Yes ma’am. There will be a registration period immediately before the 2013 barangay elections. Re-activation requests will be entertained.

  84. PEEYAH says:

    kailan po ang release ng mga voetrs id n bumoto nung 2010 elaction

    1. james jimenez says:

      Paki-coordinate na lamang po sa local COMELEC. Salamat!

  85. teresa yanesa says:

    Hello sir

    tanong ko lng po bakit po not yet printing pa ang voter id ko,samantalang yung ibang nahuli sken na realese n ,bale mg 2 years n wla p dn po yung id q, active nman po ang pg boto ko,dito po ito s daet cams. Norte.
    salamat po ng marami

  86. rosario arcenal says:

    hello sir jimenez, i would jist like to ask kung pwede na ho ba makuha yung voters i.d? 2009 pa po ako nkapagparegister. Im from cebu nga po pala.. Tnx

    1. james jimenez says:

      Please coordinate with your local COMELEC office, or the COMELEC office where you registered. They’re the ones who track ID applications. Thanks!

  87. anz says:

    hello, sir ung voters id po sa armm particularly sultan mastura, maguindanao eh na print po ba lahat? tanx!

    1. james jimenez says:

      I don’t have that information. Sorry. Please coordinate with your local COMELEC office. Thanks!

  88. harj says:

    hello po sir,, ask ko lang po kong pwede pa bang kumuha ng ID ulit nawala kasi voters ID ko, ano pa ba ang gagawin ko?

  89. Marie says:

    Hi Sir!

    Wala po kasi akong middle name. Gusto ko sana i-verify yung status ng ID ko online. Ano po bang kailangan ko lagay dun sa middle name part, requirement kasi siya dun sa status verifier.

    Thanks Sir!

    1. james jimenez says:

      I don’t think we’ve resolved that issue yet. For now, you’ll just have to call the COMELEC office in your area to verify.

  90. Isai says:

    hi po! I have a question. does the non-availabilty certificate(?), to certify that you have never voted exist? I went to the COMELEC office here in Cebu and they said COMELEC doesn’t have that. But i heard from someone that he was able to get one before. it wasn’t in the regional office though it was in Manila. I really need it for my visa processing. I hope you can help.

    1. james jimenez says:

      A certification that you’ve never voted? I don’t think we issue that at all. However, if you really want to give it a try, you’ll have to come to Manila and ask the Election Records and Statistics Department if they’ll issue you one. No promises tho, and you might want to call before you come. Please call my office at 025259294 for assistance.

  91. mark says:

    Hi Sir, good day” i have some question regarding sa Signature sa voters id newly register lang ako last oct.31 2012..
    di ko po kase nakita yung ” itsura ” ng signature ko nung nag pa register ako kase ang gamit yata nun is Electronic signature pad ..gusto ko po sana makita”.. mag apply kase ko ng account sa bank kaso baka mamaya yung sigataure ko gagamitin at signature sa voters id ko magkaiba: ma trace po ba yun pag pumunta ko sa comelec sa local namin meron po ba sila record dun to check my signature….?

    1. james jimenez says:

      Sorry. You can’t do that. You have to wait for your ID.

  92. Lourrey says:

    Hi Sir, Just want to say thank you for you blog! It’s been really helpful. I wouldn’t know that my id was printed years ago if not for you. Thank you! :)

  93. Cynthia says:

    good day sir.. just wanna ask ano po ang requirements for change of status sa comelec? wala pa din po kasi yung id ko.. pero naka vote na po ako b4.. and hanggang kelan po ang registration for ngyong buwan at taon para po makahabol ako.. salamat po

  94. felix mendoza says:

    hi sir, talaga po ba pinapabayad pa yung voters registration form o sa city hall lang namin ginagawa ito?

  95. Ynah says:

    goodevening sir! ttanong lang po sana ako panu po pag nawala ung stab na binibigay para maclaim ung voter’s id. Panu po gagawin nmen para makakuha ng voter’s ID? Kailangan po ba yun bago bumoto? salmat po

  96. sir james paano ko po malalaman kung nai-print na po yung voter’s id ko? may alam po ba kayo na link na pwedeng mai-check ang voter’s id kung ok na po para po makuha na po namin,thanks po.

  97. patrick says:

    hello po ask ko lang po pd po ba ako makakuha ng voters id kahit hnd pa ako nakabuto minsan? nid ko po kasi siya for getting a passport. nagwoworry po ako na baka hnd po tanggapin ng DFA ang postal id at TIN ID ko eh. sked ko na po sa aug 23 sa DFA. pls i nid your answer….

  98. patrick says:

    i mean sa aug 28 po sked ko sa DFA.

  99. shamaine says:

    sir gud day
    nawala po kc voter’s id ko.. sa koronadal city po ako nakaregister and now dito ako sa manila, pwede po ba ako makahingi ng replacement sa comelec dito? thank you

  100. unanimous says:

    Does someone will be disqualified if the person will run for a counselor to his /her brgy even if she/he was registered to a different place or city last oct 2012? I gladly appreciate if you will response. Thank you

  101. Javid says:

    Good Afternoon Sir,

    Hindi po ako nakapagvote during National Elections and I missed the Local Elections din po. Do I have to register again po ba para makapagvote sa susunod na election? Thank you po.

  102. Marty says:

    Hi, I already lost my Voter’s ID and my listing was deactivated few years back. If I reactivate my listing before the next election, will they issue me a new voter’s ID, or do I have to submit an affidavit of loss? Can I also just reregister to avoid any hassle?

  103. nikka says:

    hi sir, i just want to ask paano po kung nawala ko yung claiming stub para makuha ang voter’s id? pano ko po macclaim ang id ko?


  104. mylez says:

    sir ask ko lang kung kelan po makakuha ng voters id,last year lang po nagpa register.

  105. janzellehipolito says:

    Hi Sir, ask ko lang.. kasi my id was printed oct. 2011 pa.. then i went to our comelec office here, sabi nila nabigay na nila sa barangay. then pumunta ako sa barangay hall namin, wala daw dun ang id ko.. i registered same time with my brother pero ung sa kanya nabigay na that year. then by chance na baka nawala na ung id ko, i asked if i can request for a new one. sabi hndi daw pwede, certificate lang daw ung binibigay nila.
    anu ang pwede kong gawin? salamat po

  106. Rowena says:

    Hi Sir James,

    Can I have my voters registration transferred at this time of the month? Pupwede po ba ngayon kahit hindi panahon ng eleksyon? gusto ko po ipatranser from our province to Makati where I am residing now.

    Thanks in Advance po sa magiging reply mo SIr James.

  107. Marwa says:

    Good day sir!

    First of all, thank you for making this blog post. It is really helpful to us who needs help about this. Kudos to you sir for the effort. :)

    Here’s my issue. I noticed an error in my records at COMELEC when I voted last election. It is stated there that my gender is MALE, when it should have been FEMALE. It is the first time that I have noticed this error. I went to the COMELEC website page where you could check you precinct number just now and saw the same thing.

    How do I fix this? Should I bring documents/affidavits or should my postal ID and birth certificate be enough?

  108. xereibru says:

    Hi Sir,

    I would like to ask sir any update regarding the printing of my voter’s ID. I was registered in 2009. Lately as I have checked on the Precint Finder, my status is active and I have complete registration details/information. Until now, the ID was not printed yet as mentioned on the COMELEC website. And it is already 2014 now. Any update on it sir?

    Hoping to hear from your side sir. Thank you and God bless!

  109. anne says:

    sir ask q lng po kung pde po palitan ung pirma q sa voter’s id?

  110. aprilgrace89 says:

    Hello po.
    I would like to know sir… I want to change my status from Single to Married. Ano po ang process nito? thanks

  111. glaiza says:

    pano po kung nawala po stab ko makukuha ko pa po ba ang voters id ko? kung oo paano po?

  112. Vin says:

    Hello Sir. Tatanong ko lang po kung pwede ko ba ma.change yung signature ko sa voter’s I.d ko. That was 2008 pa and then this year palang na distribute. Ng nakita ko, it’s totally different sa passport, philhealth at sa maga recent docs. Ko, ano po dapat Kung gawin? Thank you sir!

  113. Melvin says:

    Sir magandang araw po. Tanong kulang po kung kaylangan pa ba talaga ng valid id kapag kukuha ng voter’s id. Kasi po pumunta ako sa Comelec para kunin ‘yung voter’s id ko kaso sabi kaylangan pa daw ng valid id kaso wala naman po ako noon. Nagtataka lang ako kung bakit kaylangan pa ‘yun eh may larawan naman ng muka ko doon at biometrics.

  114. Jin says:

    Hi ask ko lang po sana kung pwede magpaupdate ng signature sa voters ID ?? kasi after 4 yeas bago ko nakuha ung i.d. ko . ehh medyo nagiba na ung signature ko kasi di ko matanadaan exact detail nung pirma ko sa voters ID. ipaparehas ko sana sa lahat ng ID ko.

    Kung pwede. can you please tel me the requirement at saan pupunta?

  115. May says:

    Good day Sir!

    I am a first time voter, and just registered last month being so I was a bit naive how the process works. When I finished all the 6 steps and received my acknowledgement receipt I didn’t see the signature of the EO. I thought it was just normal not until now. I also forgot to put the subdivision where I live in the application form.

    What should I do regarding on the EO signature and my incomplete address?

    Thank you in advance and GOD bless!

  116. Elle says:

    Hi Sir gudam. May concern lang ako regarding voters id. I went to our local COMELEC office to get my voters id sana nung Tuesday pero wala pa dun ID ko. Registered ako nung 2009 tapos chineck ko sa website ng comelec na naprint na raw nung 2012 pa yung voters id ko. Ang sabi ng nagassist skin eh baka di pa raw na deliver ng COMELEC Manila. Does it really take 2 years para madeliver sa provinces ang printed voters ids?? Thank You po.

  117. Che says:

    Hello sir :)..Tanung po sana ako about sa voters certificate I filed the correction kc po ung birth date it was supposed to be 29 but when I got it 19 po ang true that it takes months before I get the correct voters certificate..why it will take that long please help I badly need it :(..hope to hear from you..thanks and more power!..god bless..

  118. jenny says:

    hello,ngparegester ako ng voter id noong 2012,pero nung pmunta mi nung month of may etong taon wla p dw ,totoo kya n 2016 dw mgkakaroon,.grabe nmn tagal.anu maganda gawen at hakbang pra dun?
    hope u answer my question thank you,

  119. Mimi says:

    Sir tatanong ko lang po kung pwede palitan yung signature ko sa voters id kasi po hindi po siya parehas sa ginagamit ko sa student ID ko po. I hope you can help me. At ano po mga steps and requirements. THANK YOU!

  120. dolores says:

    hi Sir, nawala ko po kasi yung registration stub q ang kukuha po sana ako ng voter’s certification since wala pa po ung voter’s ID. ok lang po ba kung wala ung registration stub?

  121. Lynet Villa-Real says:

    Hello Mr James Jimenez, I am a registered voter in Quezon City and i still need to have my biometrics processed. Would it be possible for me to have it processed in the new Comelec office in Robinsons Galleria? or does it have to be at the City Hall?
    Hoping for your response.
    Thank you!

  122. Haidie divina says:

    Nawala po voters id province po aq nakaregister…san po aq pwede kumuha anung requirements

  123. john says:

    hi sir. i lost my i.d how can i replace a new one??

  124. john says:

    hi sir. i lost my id how can i replace a new one??

  125. Reyn Oaing says:

    sir, gudam poh.. ask q lng poh kung pwde ppalitan q yun signature ko poh sa voters id ko.. anu poh ang procedure???

  126. Carlos says:

    Hi sir. I just wanna know if need po ba ng nso birth certificate para sa first time register for voters ID. If not then ano po ung mga kailangan. Salamat po sa reply.

  127. Angel says:

    Magandang araw po, ipinanganak po ako sa Manila pero sa Quezon City po ako nakatira ngayon. 18 years old po ako. Gusto ko po sanang magparegister bilang voter sa Manila. Paano po yung process, kailangan ko po ba maging residence ng Manila for 6 months, and paano po maging residence ng Manila. Thank you

    1. james jimenez says:

      Kung gusto mo bumoto sa Manila, kailangan sa Manila ka nakatira, at least 6 months bago mag May 2016. Para patunayang residente ka ng Manila, kailangan may patunay ka na duon ka nga talaga nakatira. Halimbawa, ID na ang address ay ang tinitirhan mo sa Manila; o di kaya proof of billing. Kung meron ka na ng ganun, punta ka lang sa COMELEC office sa Manila, sa kalye Arroceros, malapit sa Central Station ng LRT. Hanapin mo lang kung anung distrito ka. Dun ka sa opisina ng Distrito mo hihingi ng application form. Good luck!

  128. conlie delos reyes says:

    good day!sir james 2003 pa kmi nakaboto tapos nag revalidate 2012 hangang ngaun wla pa yung voters id nmin,.thanks

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