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Last Chances

One hundred eighty seconds; three minutes. Barely enough time to catch your breath after going up a steep flight of stairs, but a lifetime within which to tell a story. Like this one, of a musician searching for a guitar and finding one last chance to amend a dissonant past.

HULING TAWAD (Last Haggle), one of the official entries to the 180 Cinema Film Festival, is a a film by Altair Macatiag, a member of my staff.



1. Go to

2. Scroll down look for log In>connect with: facebook/twitter/gmail/yahoo. Once you are connected, look for “Vote for This Film” (lower right side of the window, with a black square) click “VOTE” or the Black Square.

3. Leave a comment (Optional)

4. Share the link through facebook, twitter (hashtag #lasthaggle180), gmail, yahoo and other networking sites.


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