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Somebody build this app

Please. Somebody build this app.

Let’s call it the Reality Check App – which we can then shorten to the appropriately hip ReCAPP

It’ll work the way augmented reality¬†does. Hold up your tablet or smartphone so that the camera sees something, and your screen comes alive with heads-up displays providing you with information about the thing you’re looking at.

ReCAPP will then be distributed to all decision makers in existence! That way, when they see some nice innovation while they’re on a trip abroad, for example, and they’re tempted to give us drudges grief over why we’re not doing it that way, or how we’re so unimaginative for not doing something that others are doing – despite the fact that, frankly speaking, they wouldn’t ever have thought of that idea if they hadn’t seen it in action in the first place – they can peer at the innovation or the thing or WHATEVER through their smartphones and voila! up pops information about how much that innovation would cost if it were to be implemented in the Philippines, how much money the organization actually has, and what they’re gonna have to cut spending on if they really want to see that innovation implemented.

Even better, the pop-ups will include a detailed history of how many times that exact innovation was ALREADY SUGGESTED to them, how many times they’ve turned it down and all the reasons they had for doing so, and with a flashing red text alert that reminds them “DON’T PRETEND YOU CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA YOURSELF!”

I would also make ReCAPP available to all KIBITZERS – the smart-alecks who – enamored of their own magnificence – arrogantly sneer at you and tell you that they have a better idea and that their idea will work while yours just stinks like a decomposing corpse. For these geniuses, the ReCAPP will show all the shortcomings and logical flaws of their brainwaves, hopefully before they raise their voices and thunder like Olympians about how no one gets it but them.

Yeah. An app like that would really rock.


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